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Quantity vs Quality


Which is better?... The answer is neither!

The key to long term profits in sports betting is finding the middle point between quantity and quality.


Below I will show you the difference between quantity, quality and finding the middle point. The example below will show you the profits from different amounts of games and different winning percentages.


Quality: Let's say you wager 1 game per day for a year and you hit 62%, you would finish the year 226-139. Assuming we are Wagering $110 to win $100, you will make a profit of $7,310 in one year.


Quantity: Let's say you wager 5 games per day for a year and you hit 54%, you would finish the year 985-840. Again assuming we are Wagering $110 to win $100, you will make a profit of  $6,100 in one year.


Now that you have seen the difference between quantity and quality, take a look at the results if you are able to find the middle point.


Let's say you wager 3 (middle of 1 and 5) games per day for a year and you hit 58% (middle of 54% and 62%), you would finish the year 635-460. Once again assuming we are Wagering $110 to win $100, you will make a profit of $12,900 in one year, that is basically double the profit.


Believe it or not, very few sports bettors are aware of this theory. Either they are throwing money at too many games or they are taking too few games to have a higher winning percentage, but a higher winning percentage does not mean a higher profit.


Finding the middle point is the key to making money in sports betting.


We play 2% of our bankroll on each release. The Net Return is calculated on the assumption of a $5000.00 bankroll and laying $100.00 per game.





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